PopUp Incubator Project

Empowering A Generation

PopUp Incubator Project The SocialGood Nigeria PopUp Incubator Project is designed as a monthly capacity development program for all techies, entrepreneurs especially the #SocialGood focused, to learn strategy tips from different global Swedish businesses including the experiences of emerging and successful tech entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who have successfully built businesses and platforms that are more #SocialGood conscious as well corporately successful.

This periodic event also seek to improve women’s participation in IT, share the new trends on innovation in different aspect of building relatable businesses across the world in order to influence the building of development platforms, tech applications and other tech/non-tech ideas to solve business and social problems in Nigeria.

How Does It Work

SocialGood Nigeria PopUp Incubator Project is designed to establish a platform, where entrepreneurs, professional’s et al can engage in sharing knowledge and tips for business or idea growth thereby creating an effective management framework for its implementation.

The PopUp Incubator Project was PopUp Incubator Project Launched. on the 2015 #GIRLSinICT Day and is funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Nigeria in collaboration with Enspire Incubator.


Event Launch Photos