Girls in Technology in Northern Nigeria

Technology plays a pivotal role in our lives individually and collectively. The fast paced profile of technology ensures that our lives are constantly changing at almost the touch/click of a button. However, for too long technology has been gender profiled; unfavourably against the females, this also could in part account for the fairly low female presence as compared with that of males. The stereotype for & bias against females in Northern Nigeria generally obscures the strides ‘girls’ from the region make in all walks of life/careers.

GiTiNN, a programme of of Social Good Nigeria & 3rd Sector Support Africa with a focus on bringing together girls in technology in the northern Nigeria to stimulate conversations and engender actions. The programme will promote inter-generational engagement, mentorship & partnerships around technology and innovations which will lead to continued to empowerment of young girls as development actors in their communities through hands-on training and mentorships

The Programme will provide a platform for conversations around the role of girls and women in a technology dependent world with bias to northern Nigeria create a niche for interactions


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31st October 2014

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