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Report Disaster anywhere, anytime. Don’t worry about knowing your location. #Emergy knows it!

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Climate change has become a global phenomenon that affect nations of the world collectively. The weather patterns in the last couple of decades have been overwhelming. From flood in the coastal areas to draught in arid regions, tsunami, wildfire, earthquake etc, the frequency of this natural phenomenon would beyond any reasonable doubt prove to anyone that there is something wrong with our weather/Climate pattern.

Emergy is a word coined out from the word Emergency. It came from the #hack4good 0.6 event, the 2014 edition of the the #hack4good hackathon series, held on the 14th September 2014. The hackathon was the planet’s biggest ever global hack against climate change. Programmers globally competed to develop applications that could help mitigate the effect of climate change, increase awareness, etc.  Team #Emergy was led by Musa Mohammed, with team members Henry Osikhena and Habeeb Mac -iva(@kulboy4real). They emerged winners for Nigeria. Hence, Emergy as an application was birthed.


Team #Emergy

#Emergy Features

Emergy has three major functions;

  1. Report a disaster as it happens. With #Emergy, relief agencies can locate the exact point of the disaster through a sender’s GPS. Relief agencies can thus prepare for their missions based on the details submitted by sender.
  2. With #Emergy, you can report human activities which are endangering the environment to the relevant authorities so that necessary actions can be taken. Activities such as: gas flaring, illegal lumbering, etc can be reported. It also help in reporting effects of climate change, like melting of the polar ice and desertification, in areas where government presence is not seen.
  3. Shows geographical locations (SAFE HAVEN) of relief agencies with their details so that people can locate the ones close to them and make contact when disaster occurs.
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#Emergy Mobile App Develpment


#Emergy is in a process of incubation under its partner Enspire Hub. The production of the mobile version of  is on-going. The web version of the application is up and running, and  is open for agencies and the public for start testing at by the public and government agencies. We are open to feedbacks to help improve the efficiency of the app .


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