PROJECT LEAD: Kolo Kenneth Kadiri
PROJECT SUPPORT: Jeremiah Agenyi
DATE: May 30th, 2015
OBJECTIVE: To activate an entrepreneurship hub, and stimulate the growth of technology-driven businesses.


The #PopUpIncubator Jos Hangout was a success despite the eventual low turnout of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. The day started with a guest feature on Ice FM 96.1, the University of Jos owned radio station where between 8am and 9am, Kenneth discussed with the host, about the #PopUpIncubator, Social Good Nigeria, the Swedish cooperation, and the benefits of the hangout to entrepreneurs and businesses in and around Jos. The event started at 11am, giving a one hour window period for guests to arrive. Of the expected guests, only 12 turned out, despite logistical arrangements for 50. The expectation of the guests, as gathered from the expectations-setting forms filled, bothered around funding for businesses, ideation, network with other entrepreneurs, information and resource sharing, and how to build social businesses.

The #PopUpIncubator event agenda was focused on enabling attendees better understand the transfer of ideas into sustainable and scalable business models, in preference to business plans, via the Business Model Canvas. From the moment of introduction until the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria – who were the sponsors – made their opening remarks, it looked like things were not going as planned.

However, the idea sampling session taken by Jeremiah Agenyi became a toast of a start to the day. And when the Business Model Canvass exercise was taken, it became a spice upon which the interest of the attendees was drawn. Subsequently, the explanatory videos (6 episodes), explained thoroughly, the function of the business model canvass, and why it is flexible enough for businesses alternate and work with different models all the time. They seemed to be the most interesting part of the training from the feedback which can be found at the end of this report.

We broke for teabreak, and started initiating contact with Peepoople for the one hour chat, but unfortunately, it started raining then, and connectivity went bad. Thus, we proceeded to work on the business model canvass simulation, by picking one of the ideas sampled at the start by Jeremiah Agenyi, and attendees were broken in to three teams. After which their ideas were translated unto a bigger canvass on the wall (this canvass is currently on one of the walls at enspire incubator). The event got to its end with comments, questions, observations, and feedback taking (by us).



S/No Were your expectations met? What part of the training interested you most? New thing you learned today How can this training be made better?
1 Yes The BMC, video tutorials and the team collabos BMC Intensity (more responsibility allocated to the teams) longer training
2 Yes The BMC Value Proposition, Customer Relationships, Key resources and the idea that you can work on different BMCs to be more effective Larger groups would be better. Give participants more time to work and rework their ideas
3 Yes The BMC videos Customer segment map; value proposition map; how to use the BMC to tell a business story More time; more resources. The training should incorporate other tools and techniques like SWOT Analysis, etc
4 Yes Everything about the training moved my thoughts, thinking and ways to a new approach for believing and acting. Soul touching Ideas, interactions and understanding to better organisation It should be made more expandable
5 To some extent Linkages to getting finance Aptitude towards structuring business models to enhance effective transaction It should be social media based, extensive sensitization and outreach to rural areas
6 Yes How to develop my ideas and make them marketable; how to carry a feasibility studies on the viability of my business idea How to develop my business idea and make it sellable By providing resources (manuals, sites, etc) where one can return to for more information and clarifications; participants should be given opportunities to develop their own ideas and send it over to SocialGood Nigeria for assessment after the seminar
7 Yes The Business Model Canvas. The videos were inspiring I learned an easier way to evaluate my business ideas using the BMCs It should be done more frequently; it should retain the current trainees (a constant interactive network system)
8 Yes The idea sampling and the Peepoople chat I learned it is important to bring up ideas that are sellable This should be replicated in tertiary institutions.
9 The brainstorming on ideas Teamwork The idea sampling should be vast not just a single topic
10 Yes BMC; questions and answers BMCs; network with possible investors Create more awareness
11 Yes Team discussions, the bouncing ideas and the BMC videos The Walt Disney and the whole branding idea There should be a pre-Business idea; groups should do a full presentation; it should be more intense
12 Yes The use of the BMC Use of the BMC Increase publicity for the next event. Strengthen local entrepreneur networks to attend, longer events and repeat events