Abuja SocialGood Hub

Conversations & Actions around Technology and Innovation in Nigeria.

Technology shapes how we live and grow, its impact cannot be thoroughly quantified and all existing technology was built through several platforms of innovation. It has been identified that Africa needs constant technology innovation to be able to reach the level of other advanced economies and the beauty of this continent is its growth potentials and size including the desire to build an encouraging platform to foster innovations for social development which will in turn spur innovation ripple effects on social challenges.


Abuja Social Good Hub the flagship programme of Social Good Nigeria with Enspire Hub. It is  a network/community of innovators leading conversations and actions around tech and innovations, providing answers the important questions of how technology, social media, innovation, community-building, and great content can help drive progress toward a better future in Nigeria. It is a platform that is set up in the Federal Capital Territory to encourage the development of technology innovation focused on social good and social development. It seeks to provide direction and advisory for innovators keen on building replicable innovative solutions for social challenges facing Nigeria using new or basic everyday technologies.

Through collaborations, the hub will provide linkages and source for resources to lead innovations in the quest to solve existing challenges and also mitigate developing (new) ones



  • Provide a platform for innovative development collaboration
  • Create focus on innovation for Social Good in Nigeria
  • Lead social mobilization through the use of technology
  • Encourage the drive to solve everyday

Our Focus


Health | Education | Climate | Agriculture | Poverty | Energy | Job creation

Our Partners


Enspire Incubator
Embassy of Sweden